​​​SPS spyder Riders

These YELLOW rides indicate they are part of our Summer Ride events.  The dates are rotated so that those who can only ride on Sundays get a chance to do the dinner and breakfast rides.  The same reasoning applies for the folks who can only ride on Sat.

Date Day Location Miles   Direction Event
6-Jan Sun Puddle Jumpers and Sugar Loaf Mountain Ride 80 W Lunch
16-Jan Wed Bike Night Logan's Roadhouse 4649 W State Road 46, Sanford, FL 32771 NA E Bike Night
(407) 324-4123
26-Jan Sat Red's Restaurant Hernando 80 W Lunch
3-Feb Sun Villages - Russel Stoversw Chocolate  Lunch TBD 52  N Lunch
12-Feb Tues Bike Night TBD Bike Night
23-Feb Sat 3 Bananas in Crescent City 50 W Lunch
3-Mar Sun Front Porch Restaurant 84 NW Lunch
13-Mar Wed Bike Night TBD Bike Night
23-Mar Sat Florida Citrus Tower and Troy's Cuban Deli 45 W Lunch
6-Apr Sat Brevard Law Ride 70 E Lunch
16-Apr Tues Bike Night TBD Bike Night
28-Apr Sun Columbia Restaurant   Celecration 50 SW Lunch
5-May Sun Worlds Famous Oasis Restaurant 80 NE Lunch
15-May Wed Bike Night TBD Bike Night
25-May Sat Daytona Tortugas Baseball Game Info coming 40 E Dinner
2-Jun Sun Scenic Boat Tour Opens at 8am Breakfast near by 35 SW Breakfast
18-Jun Tues Bike Night TBD Bike Night
22-Jun Sat Osteen Diner 35  SW Dinner
6-Jul Sat  Dinner boat Cruise Daytona River Cruise Dinner 40 E Dinner
17-Jul Wed Bike Night TBD Bike Night
28-Jul Sun Mary's Kountry Kitchen Tavares  Breakfast 38 N Breakfast
4-Aug Sun Goodrich Seafood Restaurant Breakfast 27 SE Breakfast
13-Aug Tues Bike Night TBD Bike Night
24-Aug Sat Lake Harris Hideaway  Tavares  Dinner 31 W Dinner
7-Sep Sat Quarterdeck   Umatilla   Dinner 30  NW Dinner
18-Sep Wed Bike Night TBD Bike Night
29-Sep Sun Mikes Galley 2514 S Atlantic Ave Daytona Breakfast 41 E Breakfast
6-Oct Sun Renegades on the River 65 N Lunch
15-Oct Tues Bike Night TBD Bike Night
26-Oct Sat Dixie Crossroads  Titusville 70 SE Lunch
Nov 1-3 Weekend Road Warrior Event ?? N Lunch
13-Nov Wed Bike Night TBD Bike Night
23-Nov Sat Burger Station Villages 50 W Lunch
1-Dec Sun Christmas Party  Location to be decided Dinner
10-Dec Tues Last Bike Night for 2019 TBD Bike Night

             ​Upcoming Events   2019

​We alternate between Sat and Sun so everyone can participate.  We also vary the length of the trips as we know some folks have certain preferences.   We can't make everyone happy on every trip but we hope you will find several trips that you can participate in.    This year it was decided to have two rides a month and dinner rides in addition to the breakfast rides in the summer.  We try to find rural roads that are less traveled than the big highways.   Sometime we have no choice but we are trying to stay away from the highways or busier city traffic.

PLEASE NOTE CHANGES from the orginally published list are highlighted in RED

TheGREEN  highlighted rides are in reverse order so that we can accommodate the Brevard Law Ride on a Sun.  There is a fee for this ride.