​​​SPS spyder Riders

Before we can have our group ride certification course we need to agree on some basic rules.

1. Our goal is to have everyone comfortable riding at the speed limit and about 2 - 3 seconds behind the bike in front of you.   We do not want to turn new members away but we need to get everyone riding together safely.    In order to accomplish this we would like to hear from the newer members to determine what they feel they need to help them get up to speed with the rest of the group.   Some of the things we thought of are:

      A. We thought of having one ride a month that was a shorter distance that you can

           practice going faster.
      B. Thought about having one or two members ride with you at a slower pace to help you

           feel more comfortable. This would only happen a few times.
      C. We could set up a practice run in a parking lot with curves and sudden stops to help

           build confidence.
      D. Try riding more on your own to build skills to ride at speed.

***  Please tell us what YOU need to feel comfortable riding with us.  ***

2.  Helmet to Helmet communications are the best but not everyone has them so we need a backup.  We need to start using hand signals.   When the first person gives a hand signal each rider behind him needs to mimic the hand signal so the others further back can get the message.  Once the bike behind you mimics the hand signal you can stop.

3.  Here are some standard signals I got from the internet.  Please look them over and let me know if you agree or disagree or know of some others you think would be helpful.